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Our business is Leak Detection and Private Utility Location.
We Specialize in Detecting Leaks in: 
Swimming Pools and Spas 
Hot and Cold Water Lines 
Water Mains 
Fire Protection Systems 
Irrigation Systems 
Sewer and Drainage Lines 
Industrial Process Piping Networks 
Gas Piping
Heating Systems and Chiller Lines
Water Fountains
We Specialize in Locating: 
Water Lines
Sewer Lines
Electric Lines
Gas Lines
Telephone and Communication Lines
Fiber Optic Lines
C.A.T.V. Lines
Fire Alarm System Lines
Heating and Steam Lines
Buried Manhole Covers and Valve Boxes
Buried Underground Storage Tanks
Our company is your number one source for professional  Leak Detection and Private Utility Location services. 
Estimates are always free.
We are there when you need us.
We Never Charge Overtime for working at night or on weekends or even on holidays.
Our guarantee is simple "If we fail to locate your leak you will not be charged for our services".