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About Us 
My name is Charles Somach. I am the president of the Underground Imaging Corporation.  Most people just call me "Charlie The Mole". I received this nick name many years ago.  They call me "The Mole" because for the past 45 years I have been  working on underground  utilities. 
In 1998 I started the Underground Imaging Corporation.
Underground Imaging Corporation works on jobs mainly in the Chicagoland, Illinois and Northwest Indiana areas.
 We are a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Company.  All of our work is guaranteed.
We have the three Major things that are required to locate leaks and utility lines accurately. 
1. Knowledge.
2. Years of Experience.
3. The Proper Equipment to complete the job. 
If you have a leak or need to have your private utilities located for an upcoming project why not put my years of experience to work for you?   Give me a call.   "I promise you you won't be sorry you did".